Drinking water for the Karen


CHF 30’000


Current project



Together with our partner, KHT, The Karen Hilltribes Trust, a new  sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects is going to be installed in the village of Mae Yod, in Mae Hong Son Province.

The Karen are a marginalised ethnic group who live as subsistence farmers in remote mountain villages along the Thai-Myanmar border.


1. A gravity-fed clean water supply system that provides a year-round, plentiful supply of clean, unpolluted water for household activities such as drinking, cleaning and cooking
2. A sanitation unit with a latrine and shower for every household that enables the safe disposal of human faeces and encourages better hygiene practices
3. Imparting hygiene education that further realises health impacts, primarily handwashing with soap and latrine cleanliness
4. Delivering long-term sustainability by ensuring that the local community can adequately operate and maintain the water supply system and sanitation units, as well as cover any recurrent costs.