March/April 2016

Building a classroom/school


Province de Chiang Rai

We left Switzerland to arrive the following day in the North of Thailand. We stayed in a typical nice hotel, “The Legend” in Chiang Rai. The next day we reached Ban Tee Sai by 4 x 4 car. The Thai students had already been working on the construction for 3 weeks and we helped them finish the school.

This journey was a unique experience for teens to feel helpful in a very different and unpriviledged environment. This was an amazing human experience they shared with Thai students together with the hill tribe people.

During the 2016 Easter holidays, I had the chance to take part in a humanitarian trip in Thailand with the Jan & Oscar Foundation. We were on mission to help with the construction of a small school in the mountains in the region of Chiang Rai, in a village called Ban Tee Sai. This experience changed our perspective of today’s world and I personally feel so grateful to have been part of this incredible adventure. It gave us a real lesson of life and we will keep those strong memories forever. Even if humanitarian work requires certain sacrifices, it is worth doing it in a lifetime in order to improve other communities’ lives but also to learn about yourself. Volunteering will give you the opportunity to assist people and the chance to travel by visiting remote countries. You will appreciate the beauty of other cultures and make really strong connections with the country and the people!

Testimony of a participant