April 2017

Province de Chiang Rai

The next mission will be a bit shorter than the previous (6 days on site) due to the New Year in Thailand and classes resume on April 24th in Switzerland.

Next trip : 13-22 April 2017 

Application deadline : 30 November 2016

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This is the 8th humanitarian trip organised by Laurence Pian, President of the Jan & Oscar Foundation, for IB students as well as all others wanting the opportunity to enjoy this unique and wonderful experience.

Schedule :

Leaving Switzerland on Friday 14 April 2017

Saturday 15 April : Arrival in Thailand – Chiang Rai, Hotel Legend

From Sunday 16 until Friday 21, we will help build a small school alongside volunteer civil engineering students from Chiang Rai University.

Saturday 22 avril, back in Switzerland.

Do you feel up to it ?

Temperatures are high and we will work approximately 8 hours a day on the construction site.

We will sleep under a roof in two-person tents acting as mosquito nets.

The shower and toilets are very rudimentary (buckets of water) but you’ll soon get used to it !

What we’ll be doing : making cement, plastering walls, laying tiles, doing the dishes, helping prepare meals, painting walls, sanding and varnishing doors and shutters, collecting sand, cleaning the site and playing with the village children.

In the evenings, all the Thai and Swiss students will gather to play games and have fun.

10 students maximum and 3 accompanying adults.
The trip costs approximately CHF 2’700 and is not part of the compulsory CAS program. This is a voluntary trip and a personal commitment on your part.

A deposit of CHF 2’000 will be invoiced before the trip and the difference will be due after.

To know more about the conditions and arrangements  : admin@fondationjan-oscar.ch

During the 2016 Easter holidays, I had the chance to take part in a humanitarian trip in Thailand with the Jan & Oscar Foundation. We were on mission to help with the construction of a small school in the mountains in the region of Chiang Rai, in a village called Ban Tee Sai. This experience changed our perspective of today’s world and I personally feel so grateful to have been part of this incredible adventure. It gave us a real lesson of life and we will keep those strong memories forever. Even if humanitarian requires certain sacrifices, it is worth doing it in a lifetime in order to improve other communities’ lives but also to learn about yourself. Volunteering will give you the opportunity to assist people and the chance to travel by visiting remote countries. You will appreciate the beauty of other cultures and make really strong connections with the country and the people!

Testimony of a participant