Renovation of drinking water tanks, bathrooms and kitchens in four small schools


CHF 30’000





This project was launched through an initiative supported by HRH Princess Sirindhorn in order to tackle the problems of illiteracy and malnutrition.
Young children from four small mountain villages have the opportunity to obtain a basic education while benefiting from the self- sufficiency learning method developed through programmes backed by the Royal Family.

The four existing schools, situated in the Tak Province, several hours away in an all-terrain vehicle, were in need of infrastructure improvements. The kitchens, toilets and drinking water tanks required repairs to improve hygiene. In two of the schools, the construction of a multi-purpose building has provided teachers and students with a space to follow the government’s educational programmes.

The renovation of these four schools was carried out at a cost of CHF 30’000.-. This sum was raised by the Sun Store pharmacies in order to support humanitarian causes.