Our Mission

6On December 26, 2004, a devastating tsunami hit Asia, causing the death of thousands of people. Amongst them were 12 year-old Jan and his 8 year-old brother Oscar.

In the immediate aftermath of this tragic event, a humanitarian project is born in an outpouring of solidarity.

The Jan & Oscar Foundation was officially founded on June 29, 2005.

Over 50 projects have been implemented in 16 years


Children attending school

Enfants ont accès à l'eau potable

The projects are carefully selected according to criteria defined by and with the Board.

Every single franc is used for school construction projects, grants, as well as activities on the ground.

Over 50 projects carried out in Thailand


buildings with toilets and showers


communal sinks








sponsored children

Our fight against plastic pollution

Education and Environment

Education and Environment

The educational project: waste banks in schools Our foundation considers that the education and involvement of children are paramount in combatting marine plastic pollution. The…

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Moken, Guardians of the Sea

Moken, Guardians of the Sea

The Moken are a race of semi-nomadic fishermen living on several of the Andaman Islands, off the coast of Burma and Thailand. Traditionally, they travel around, spending part of the year on their boats, kabangs, making a living from fishing and gathering shellfish. But their way of life has been threatened for several years. Intensive fishing has considerably reduced the stocks

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