Construction of a school


CHF 11’000





Construction of a small school in the village of Tee Si, Chiang Rai Province, inhabited by a hill tribe: Lahu.
The construction of a classroom for young children in pre-school age, was realized in April 2016 during the Jan & Oscar humanitarian trip. The project started with the civil engineering students or Rajamangala University Chiang Rai and was achieved with our group of 10 people joining them to help.
The young children can follow a preschool education and have lunch at school while their parents are working in the fields. The adults can participate in organized classes at the end of the day to learn reading and writing Thai language. Indeed, they speak only Lahu.
These 300 people hill tribe arrived in the region during world war II. They cultivated opium. Since then, the law forbidding it, the villages exploit rubber, orchards and gardens. This is the main income of this community.