Construction of a school


CHF 14’000





District de Mae Sot, province de Tak

Project launched by Child’s dream foundation – Chiang Mai
Baan Hua Fai Primary School is located in the Mae Sot District of Tak Province, Thailand. The local community has a population of around 1,700, and the main ethnicities present are Burmese, Karen, and Thai. The school, established in 1931, offers primary education to both Thai and Myanmar migrant children.

There are currently 361 students, aged 6 to 18, in attendance. Due to the fact that 19 migrant learning centers are closing this year in the Mae Sot area alone, there will be a massive demand for education by migrant students. The school estimates that approximately 120 new students will want to attend school, however the capacity to accommodate this influx is limited. The school requires more classrooms, in order to be able to offer more educational opportunities for Myanmar migrant students in Thailand.

By providing the school with two new classrooms, we address the concern of an overflowing student population, and it will encourage migrant students to continue to pursue their education in Thailand. It will also allow them to attain official certification that will be recognized by future potential employers. We fully support the Thai government’s strategy to integrate Burmese migrant children into the Thai education system and we aim to support this move.

In order to meet the rising demand for primary education, we constructed one new school building with two classrooms. The Thai government is responsible for the teachers’ salaries and the provision of learning materials and curriculum. The local community involves itself heavily with the running of the school by providing 100,000 THB every year. We selected a trusted local contractor to coordinate all phases of construction and to purchase materials in the local community.

The contractor was paid in three instalments based on the construction progress, with 5% held back for 1 year as a guarantee for the quality of the work. The local community is responsible for the school building.

We considered this project as low risk. The location of the school is easily accessible by vehicle during all seasons.

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