October 2009

Building 3 classrooms


Province de Chiang Rai

Building three classrooms in the Khun Ta school (Chiang Rai province)

The village of Khun Ta is situated approximately 80km from Chiang Rai, close to the border with Laos.

The inhabitants come from the Hmong mountain tribe. There are 437 people in the village, 131 of which are children. Students from the university of Rajamangala (Chiang Rai) had already built 3 classrooms in the same school in 2007. They decided to build a similar school during the October 2009 holidays. Funds came from the Swiss and Thai Rotary clubs and the materials were bought and transported during the dry season.

Students from Champittet joined the Thai students to help them during a week in October. This project enabled them to experience something really unique.