Drinking water


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Construction of a drinking water facility

Jan & Oscar foundation has been collaborating for several years  with the Karen Hilltribe Trust. We funded the installation of a gravity-fed water supply system in the Karen village of Yod Pai in the mountains west of Chiang Mai. 24 sanitary units (toilets) were built and hygiene capacity was improved, as was access to education and living conditions while ensuring gender equality.

This facility benefits 177 inhabitants, about 40 of whom were involved in laying the 8 km of underground pipes and building the collector at the source to ensure a sufficient flow of water in the system. After that, two 10,000-litre tanks equipped with carbon, sand and gravel filters were added to filter and purify the natural spring water.

Once the water reaches the village, the villagers build extensions to bring clean water to their houses. This is a good way for everyone to take ownership of the system and make decisions with the community according to their specific needs. This way, they learn how to maintain the system after the builders have left, in order to ensure the sustainability of the project.

The main results are:

  • Drinking water brought directly to 177 villagers’ houses
  • Provision of up to 113 litres of drinking water per inhabitant per day
  • Construction of 24 units to supply every household with an individual, improved sanitary facility.
  • Establishment of a committee of 12 people responsible for maintenance and operation.

Over time, the project is expected to give the community the skills to maintain the facilities, ensuring sustainable benefits for improved health and livelihoods, as well as better access to education.

The anticipated primary and secondary benefits should ultimately increase the resilience of Karen communities and help them build a secure future, while protecting themselves from the external difficulties posed by climate change and COVID-19 in particular. Progress made on this project has also directly contributed to achieving the following sustainable development goals: