School Infrastructures


CHF 7’250





Mae Sariang

Long Phe Wittaya School is one of the most remote schools in the district of Sop Moei near the border of Myanmar. For the children in these mountains the Long Phe Wittaya School and the branch school Um Loo Saka are the only possibilities for them to attend school.

Because of the very capable directors of this schools, Mister Deng and now his successor Mr. Sajaam, who visit the parents of the children in their villages regularly, more and more children come to study at Long Phe Wittaya School.

The school has already 89 children as boarders and every year there will be more to come. They stay most of the schooldays at the school. They need places to make their homework and stay dry outside school time. These places are not available and often they sit in the rain and a lot of them get sick.

Samsara’s idea is to make two homework places near their dormitories: one for the boys and one of the girls.

Besides the children have a lot of problems in getting their clothes washed and dried. They have to hang it in the trees and in the rainy season it never gets dry. They also have to wash their clothes on the banks of a dangerous river that already flash flooded the village and the school 5 years ago.

Samsara’s idea is to make a place where they can wash and dry their clothes under a roof and wash their clothes in sinks.