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Construction of a system for sorting and re-using waste.

For 9 years, the Fondation Jan & Oscar, in partnership with the HDF Foundation in Bangkok, has been supporting around a hundred Moken families living on the island of Kho Lao in the Ranong region (Southern Thailand). The first children to receive an education are now at the end of their school career. Unfortunately, they have difficulty in integrating because they do not share the same culture as the Thais, which constitutes a major obstacle when it comes to finding work.

To address this, a local and well-focused post-school education centre will be built for the Moken people. With its multifaceted mission including vocational training, employment, integration and sustainable development, it will bring much-needed expertise to the Ranong region.

A feasibility study is currently being carried out and, at the moment, it is difficult to assess how much this project will cost. For the industrial dimension of the project, which is not within our foundation’s remit, we have found some very interested investors. And, where the educational side of things is concerned, the Fondation Jan & Oscar has set up a fund financed by the fundraising events it organises with the Knie Circus. Next event: 30 September 2017. https://www.fondationjan-oscar.ch/fr/participer/evenements/