Our foundation was asked to finance an educational program for young girls from mountain villages. In their village, these teenage girls are mostly in a risky situation, such as drugs, human trafficking and abuse.
At the social center run by nuns, they learn all kinds of skills that will enable them to be financially independent and become adults who know their rights.
The training ranges from gardening, cooking, sewing and handicrafts to psychology and human rights education.

Everyone, including staff and girls, understands these principles and puts them into practice. The women beneficiaries are given clear goals for their future and learn about their rights and how to defend themselves from human trafficking. The goal is to strengthen their protection in their community.

Most of the residents have been victims of all kinds of abuse and find protection and refuge in this shelter. In addition to a variety of training, they receive a solid foundation that helps them to rebuild their lives.

Domestic violence and/or drug problems are unfortunately very common in these disadvantaged populations. In the home, they regain their dignity to become responsible and autonomous adults.

Awareness programs in the villages are set up to prevent these deviances.



Good Shepherd Sisters youth home programme


CHF 170’138





Chiang Mai