We funded the programme for girls in distress. The programme has several components but focuses on child protection by providing a healthy and safe environment.

A clear policy on the protection and safeguarding of children and a code of conduct are in place. Everyone, including the staff and girls, understands them and puts them into practice. The girls helped by the programme are given clear goals for their future and learn about their rights and how to defend themselves from human trafficking. The aim is to improve their protection in their community.

Most of the residents have been victims of all kinds of abuse and find protection and refuge at this home.  In addition to a variety of training courses, they are given a solid foundation on which to rebuild their lives. During their stay at the home, they are taught cooking, sewing, handicrafts and agriculture, and also take awareness-raising courses on issues like violence or Covid.

The domestic violence and/or drug problems suffered by these young girls are unfortunately very common among these disadvantaged populations. At the home, they regain their dignity so they can become responsible and independent adults.

Awareness-raising programmes are organised in the villages with the aim of preventing deviant behaviour.